Aylar: Mart 2014

Mailbox Usage Report and Send email to Exchange Admin

Launch PowerShell and create secure password string file for smtp authentication. The process only once.

Then save the following powershell script in “C:\scripts” directory. If you want to run this script on a regular basis, you can create “Task Scheduler” task.

How to discover Windows computers using SNMP via SCOM

If you want to discover Windows computers using SNMP, it fails. Windows computers running SNMP are filtered out of discovery results if: The device type is “Host” and the vendor is “Microsoft” The sysDescription field contains “Microsoft” The sysOid starts with . The sysOid contains (ref: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh212935.aspx). Edit the ic-post-processor.asl file in the “C:\Program […]